IJGlobal League Tables – H1 2018

The hotly-anticipated global Infrastructure Finance and Project Finance league tables for the first half of 2018 have now been published by IJGlobal.

Recording activity across the globe in the financing of infrastructure across all its sub-sectors, H1 has revealed a number of interesting trends in an ever-increasing range of countries and sectors.

The total value of transactions closed in H1 2018 and recorded in the IJGlobal report (click image left to access) amounts to $453.4 billion of which $309.8 billion was debt. In project finance that overall total came to $116.6 billion while the debt accounted for $96.6 billion.

Europe and North America dominated activity in both league tables with the stand-out deal being the Abertis acquisition that closed in April, helping the global sector almost match activity in H2 2017, signalling continued recovery from the slump in H1 2017.

The value of transactions to have closed over the last 12 months has settled into a healthy rhythm with traditional lenders maintaining a strong – if not dominant – role in the financing equation, while bonds continue to carve a healthy niche on a global scale.

An interesting quirk of the market is that five of the 10 largest deals to have closed in H1 2018 were in the US, each of them in the energy space, spread across power, oil and gas and renewable energy.

As to lending, the Japanese banks once again dominate the table – though these findings are subject to change as more data becomes available – with MUFG Bank leading the field by a comfortable margin, followed by Mizuho and SMBC.

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