Indonesia reaches oil field agreements with Inpex and Tok...

The Indonesian government has reached agreements with Inpex on the Masela gas block and with Tokyo Gas to develop the Sulawesi oil fields, according to Ignasius Jonan, Indonesia's Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources

Japan unveils emerging Asia LNG investment drive

Growth in Brazilian wind

Ireland’s 11 education PPPs – a slow burn

The knights who say NIC… used to say NIP

Peaking interest

SECI to launch three major wind auctions

Sri Lanka pushes back solar RFP deadline

DOE approves Sunray Power’s Clark Green City solar


US Election Report: Energy policy spotlight

In the impending US presidential election, the stakes are quite possibly as high as they’ve ever been, and the potential for disruption in the energy sector appears to be, well, as one of the candidate would put it: “yuge”

Q1 2016 league table analysis

Q1 2016 is the first quarter for which IJGlobal is publishing infrastructure finance tables...

Country Report: Infrastructure and energy in the Philippi...

In addition to being home to Asia’s most well-developed and liberalised energy market, the Philippines is probably the first emerging economy in the region that has managed to marry a strong independent power producer (IPP) sector with a relatively successful PPP programme

The Netherlands Infrastructure Market Analysis 2013

The Netherlands, one of the most mature and stable infrastructure markets in Europe, has continued to place emphasis on development of its transportation and energy infrastructure this year. The country continues to augment the competitiveness and quality of its ports and roads and moving forward a number of social infrastructure projects, supported by experienced public procurement agencies.

European Infrastructure Outlook 2013

In 2012 European infrastructure investment suffered significantly from the region’s deteriorated economic situation

Refinery Projects Outlook 2012: ‘Cracking’ times for East...

The balance of power in this subsector of the oil & gas infrastructure market is rapidly tipping in favour of the East.

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