Brazos closes $950m debt financing

Brazos Midstream Holdings on 17 May closed on a $950 million debt financing, IJGlobal can reveal

MIRA reaches $3.84bn on MIP IV

Full speed ahead?

Wabtec buys GE Transportation

Draft RFP out for Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

Oil majors – shuffling along the Road to Damascus

Crawley to replace Brace as Northland CEO

Pattern buys 1GW wind and transmission line in New Mexico

Threadmark appoints SVP in New York


Full-year 2017 league table analysis

The last year of global infrastructure finance has witnessed a marked uptick on 2016 figures and – once late data has filtered in – could even log a step-up in activity on 2015

Q3 2017 league table analysis

As the painful decline of greenfield activity in global infrastructure finance continues, a section of the market can at least cheer a revival of capital markets deals

Renewables Report - June 2017

The market for private investment in renewable energy continues to grow at a rapid pace across the globe. This fast expansion is creating bountiful opportunities, but also many challenges for investors

Q1 2017 league table analysis

The first quarter of 2017 featured a number of high value transactions in the telecoms and energy sectors

Full-year 2016 infrastructure finance league tables

IJGlobal has for the first time published a full-year league table report which captures all types of the infrastructure finance transactions. The report provides the most complete picture available of the energy and infrastructure market

US Election Report: Energy policy spotlight

In the impending US presidential election, the stakes are quite possibly as high as they’ve ever been, and the potential for disruption in the energy sector appears to be, well, as one of the candidate would put it: “yuge”

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