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  • 4th Annual Peruvian Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum, 11 September, Lima

    4th Annual Peruvian Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum, 11 September, Lima

  • Onshore Wind Energy Market Analysis

    Onshore wind has long been a bastion of renewable energy provision globally. Markets in Europe quickly exploited the resource throughout the early part of this century, whilst the abundant resources of the US and Latin America remain only partially tapped.

  • Insurers and Infrastructure: a perfect match

    As many have noted insurers seem tailored made for infrastructure investment. Forming part of the new wave of institutional investment there are large swathes of the industry that believe, with clear justification, that the future of long term lending is to be found in pensions funds and insurance companies

  • French PPP Market Analysis

    The French PPP market, formerly the largest PPP market in Europe in both 2011 and 2012 by value, has in recent times suffered a dramatic downturn. Hampered by the on-going Eurozone crisis French PPPs are being impeded by budgetary constraints, economic difficulties within France and growing public debt.

  • Corporate Finance Outlook 2013

    So far this year corporate finance has been dominated by two huge deals that have caused a massive, but perhaps misleading, surge in overall volume figures. This fact notwithstanding, the year has also revealed some interesting trends, with a promising pipeline of oil & gas transactions in the US and intriguing opportunities in European renewables.

  • IJ Global PF Infrastructure Review H1 2013: Executive Summary

    So far 2013 has been a mixed bag for project finance: whilst the overall volume of global investment has increased to the highest levels since H1 2008, deal activity has slumped again, falling to 199, down from 230 over the same period last year

  • IJ Global PF Infrastructure Review H1 2013: Sectors

    2013 has been a mixed bag across project finance sectors. Some, like Oil and Gas and Power performed well, whereas others, like Transport and Renewables have struggled when compared to the same period last year. All in all, although the increase in deal value should be cause for optimism, the falling deal count shows pipelines are not yet replenished,

  • IJ Global PF Infrastructure Review H1 2013: Regions

    To date 2013 has seen varying fortunes in infrastructure across the globe. Deal count was down in both Europe and the US, despite the closure of some big ticket deals which bolstered overall value figures, whilst only Asia & Pacific and Africa and the Middle East saw an increse in both deal volume and deal value

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