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Home advantage

01 12 2002

With 131 offices in 71 countries, Marubeni, the diversified trading company, boasts of being one of Japan's most internationally oriented companies. But global though the company is and will remain, in the power sector, industry players can expect to see an important shift in Marubeni's geographic focus over the next five years. ?We are involved in projects all over the world but we do consider our base to be Asia and the Asia-Pacific and this is the region we will increasingly focus on going forward,? says Kenji Natori, head of Marubeni's Overseas Power Project Department. Marubeni Power's shifting focus will not just mean chasing more Asian deals but an overhaul of the company's internal organization and a shift of manpower and resources. Therefore, whereas in the past overseas projects were simply assessed on a first come, first serve basis, Natori says that greater priority will be given to Asian opportunities. ?We already have $1 billion invested in numerous Asian schemes but we want to much expand this regional portfolio,? he says. Market observers will note that this increased emphasis on Asian markets coincides with the region's growing importance for global power firms. The top growth markets for most aspects of the power business in the next five years are likely to be, says Natori, China, India, Vietnam and then, Thailand and Malaysia. Set against Marubeni's ambitions, the Overseas Power Project Department will face considerable constraints within this market. In Indonesia, Marubeni as a group has heavy exposure to a wide range of industrial...