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Global Sources of LP Capital, H2 2018

IJInvestor enables our clients to identify and capitalise on potential investment opportunities, minimise risk with alternative strategies and assist in maximising successful data-driven solutions for investors.

Fundrasing in 2018

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You can

Identify strategies to avoid & prevent investment failure

Benchmark new & existing fund performance

Discover key trends & industry developments

Strengthen your competitive advantage

Maximise your position with advanced
fund knowledge

Automate competitor alerts for real-time updates

Fund Managers

As an equity or debt fund manager, you can identify key trends to create long term profitable investments. We can show you past fund strategies from competitors and help you monitor alternative funds’ performance to ensure successful fund launches.

Institutional Investors

For those looking to increase and diversify their equity exposure, find experienced fund managers or invest direct and monitor asset deployment. We can provide information on funds at early stages of their lifecycle or remaining capital to deploy. Discover which Institutional Investors are working with LPs, explore co-investment opportunities ultimately ensuring first mover advantage.


Financial institutions can mitigate risk to spot any new funds and assets coming to market and monitor non-bank lenders and their activity. Banks can gain agility and knowledge in advance of where and when new debt fund capital becomes available.

Service Providers

Legal advisors looking to win new business use IJInvestor to identify new funds, asset activity and co-investment schemes. Our data also focuses on providing agents with advice on the sales or restructuring of portfolios through funds or direct investments.