Credit Ag rocked by NY resignation

The New York office of Credit Agricole has this week been rocked by a senior resignation with ripple effects being felt in London – where other shifts are afoot.

Marta Perez, managing director and head of structured finance advisory for Latin America at CreditAg, resigned yesterday (22 November) and is understood to be leaving to a major buy-side institution.

However, word has also reached IJGlobal that Guillaume Richard – currently CA CIB head of infrastructure investor coverage in London – is in the process of being promoted to the role of global head of energy.

Thickening the plot a little more, in a bid to hold on to Perez she is rumoured to have been offered the role that is currently filled by Jaya Viswanadha, NY-based head of energy and infra advisory for the Americas.

Again, according to the rumour mill, to allow this to proceed, Viswanadha is understood to have been offered the chance to fill the slot left by Richard as head of infra investor coverage while he steps up to the global role.