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  • The new year – back for another swing

    A couple of (hopefully) amusing anecdotes, a preview of our league tables which will be published in a couple of weeks' time and mulling the awards for which we shall hosting judging sessions over the course of this month

  • Bankers worried about low Mexican electricity prices

    Low prices on the third long-term power auction are at the same time seen as a measure of the success of the Mexican energy reform and as a cause for concern

  • Infrastructure funds – big news

    In the same week that IJGlobal goes live with our infrastructure funds database – IJInvestor – it feels appropriate to turn the focus on an interesting trend in the equity space: the rise of technical advisers as investors.

  • Making bubbles while the sun shines

    It always pays to keep a weather eye out for the next financial bubble, after all, we’ve seen enough of them in recent times to warrant wariness. Right now there’s a splendid one brewing in the international renewable energy space that should have you all bracing for impact

  • Abertis – high prices, deep pockets

    It’s the biggest infrastructure deal in the market, the one everyone’s talking about – two giants of the European infra community slugging it out to acquire Spanish toll road operator Abertis… but it’s a deal that has more than a few wondering what the hell’s going on

  • Growth in Brazilian wind

    Wind power still makes up a slim slice of the total power generated in Brazil, despite excellent resource in the country and decent investment levels in recent years. But interest in an upcoming power generation auction is high, and potential for international investment significant

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • Flying off the shelves

    A large number of international operators are hotly anticipating upcoming privatisations of airports in Brazil. And there are many reasons why investors should be salivating at the prospects

  • Aela Wind Portfolio, Chile

    The debt contract for the three-asset Aela wind portfolio in Chile was anything but plain vanilla, and shows that there is still some appetite for long-tenor financings in the country

  • Less whine, more stake for Argentina

    The country’s low sovereign credit rating and high default risk have largely deterred investors, but they are once again being lured into the country thanks to favourable government policy

  • IJ League Tables – everyone’s not a winner

    It’s that time of year again… League Table Time. Back in the day, we used only to publish them twice a year and – frankly – that was quite enough. But no, you turn your back for seven years and it’s gone quarterly. Huzzah

  • Interview: FRV’s Javier Huergo

    Javier Huergo, treasurer and chief investment officer for Fotowatio Renewable Ventures' parent company Abdul Latif Jameel speaks to IJGlobal

  • Corruption takes its toll on 4G

    Ripples of the Lava Jato shockwave have not bypassed Colombia

  • Project procurement and delivery

    The UK, Canada and Australia are three of the most established private finance markets for infrastructure in the world. Lauded for easily accessible and transparent procurement and delivery mechanisms they are often a blueprint for emerging PPP markets

  • Chile’s conservative pipeline

    While other Latin American nations promise massive infrastructure programmes, Chile is taking a more conservative stance as it prepares for a change in government

  • Financing Argentina’s ambitious infra plans

    Argentina is seeking significant private sector investment to support its ambitious plans, and so must attract foreign capital

  • Engie top IJGlobal renewables Q1 2017 sponsor LT

    Engie made the biggest commitment to renewables investment in the first quarter of 2017, according to the IJGlobal Q1 2017 league tables

  • Interview: Mayor Mancera of Mexico City

    Mexico City is going green. The metropolis, home to 21 million inhabitants, is taking decisive action against climate change through the launch of new sustainable infrastructure projects

  • Interview: Mainstream's Bart Doyle

    Mainstream Renewable Power was one of the first international developers to enter the Chilean renewables market in 2008, but it has been most active in the last 18 months

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