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  • Privatisations remain airborne in Brazil

    The drive to bring private capital into Brazil's state-dominated airport sector has been constant in recent years, despite political volatility that has slowed down the privatisation process

  • The 12 projects of Christmas

    Pick up the phone to anyone right now and the first thing you’ll be told is that they’re run off their feet and that the market’s “gangbusters” as everyone pulls together to get deals over the line before the end of the year… or Christmas, if you’re old school

  • Brazilian power buyers flock to 'free' market

    Private power purchase agreements, increasingly prevalent in developed countries and some developing nations such as Mexico, are on the rise in Brazil

  • Airports – a folly by any other NAIM

    The worst thing any country with ambitions to drive an infrastructure investment programme can do is to cancel a headline project when it’s well on the way through construction

  • Mexico: The more renewables, the better

    Mexico has seen a rapid rise in renewables development over the last five years, with the Mexican Secretariat of Energy in October reporting a 35% increase in installed renewable energy capacity

  • Powering down Peru's renewable energy auctions

    Despite being a steadily growing investment grade economy with a relatively stable currency and consolidated rule of law, Peru has in recent time not received as much attention from international energy developers and investors as some of its LatAm peers. This has much to do with the sense that Peru has overbuilt its power market

  • The Peruvian PPP push

    Peru is one of many countries around the world hoping to boost economic performance by closing its infrastructure gap

  • Argentina's PPPs – potholes ahead

    A poisonous cocktail of corruption scandals, rising inflation, high interest rates and declining investor confidence threatens Argentina’s roads programme, just as it was gaining momentum

  • Alto Maipo: good hydro, gone bad

    A second restructuring for the 531MW Alto Maipo has saved a hydro project which has faced engineering challenges, several delays, environmental opposition, and changes in equity

  • Santa Vitoria do Palmar financing, Brazil

    IDB Invest recently closed a total credit guarantee to help finance Atlantic Renewable Energy's 207MW Santa Vitoria do Palmar wind complex in Rio Grande do Sul, in a peculiar transaction that saw the private sector arm of the IDB Group provide a guarantee greater than the total value of the infrastructure debentures issued to fund the project

  • Panama weighs up the alternatives

    Early last week the governments of the US and Panama signed a memorandum of understanding to promote energy and infrastructure investments in the Central American country. A particular focus of the agreement is an attempt to catalyse private sector investments into upstream energy production, power generation, transmission and distribution, and energy use projects

  • Mexico readies for power auction amid uncertainty

    Mexico's fourth round of power auctions will happen before the new government takes power, but AMLO's administration has already started to release policy changes

  • LatAm healthcare PPPs – just what the doctor ordered

    Latin America’s healthcare demand has been steadily increasing, outpacing supply, and has created a thirst for more infrastructure across the region

  • Meza la Paz wind farm, Mexico

    The Mesa la Paz wind project may have started a new way of financing energy projects in the country, with bonds covering both construction period and a long-term PPA.

  • The Mexican infra revolution

    Few things throw a cat among the pigeons more effectively for a national infrastructure programme than a change in political leadership – and that’s precisely what’s happened in Mexico

  • World Cup 2018 – the infra pitch

    When it comes to an international showdown, I have to admit that infrastructure’s a lot closer to my heart than football (forgive me, I’m Scottish). However, in the spirit day as the World Cup 2018 plays out on screens around the globe, it seems only fair to turn the focus on the beautiful game and draw inevitable comparisons with… infrastructure

  • A rocky road ahead for Argentina's PPPs

    The recent award of six toll roads in Argentina should have been a moment of triumph for President Mauricio Macri's government, which has made increased infrastructure investment a priority. But the country's macroeconomic situation limited interest in the auction and has cast a shadow over the future of the projects

  • Ituango hydro: hopes for sunrise over flooded lands

    The almost literally collapsing Ituango hydropower project in Colombia may open the way to a faster development of renewables in the country

  • 2018-2020 infra pipeline in Peru

    Peru’s Private Investment Promotion Agency is conducting roadshows around the world to attract new investment to the country’s substantial pipeline of infrastructure projects. Opportunities for investors and contractors are vast. The Latin American country hopes the international investor community is more sympathetic to its petitions than FIFA has been

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