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  • Ireland – a broadband broadside

    Irish infrastructure instantly evokes joyous memories of a healthy programme of investments from a very different economic environment – long before the wheels fell off and the nation was shamefully cast into the PIGStye. All transport projects ground to a halt towards the end of 2011, the door left ajar for social infrastructure… but nothing progressing

  • Energy storage – country cousin no more

    Over the years we’ve seen more niche sectors than you care to recall creep out of left- into centre-field for infrastructure. These are mostly whacky wheezes dreamt up by funds desperate to shift money out the door, often taking a punt on unproven technology. Some of the best examples for this lie in biomass, ethanol and tidal – projects doomed to be dashed against rocky shores of reality

  • HS1 acquisition, UK

    A pool of fund managers formerly focused on PFI/PPP have become eager to buy, and hard to beat, when it comes to core, regulated infrastructure assets in Europe

  • Luton Airport, UK

    Luton Airport has always struggled to sell its London credentials, sitting as it does 13 miles north of the capital's orbital motorway. This refi of the concession re-fit and extend the existing facility in conjunction with plans to improve connectivity

  • Mind the gap

    While the UK government has talked a lot about bridging the north-south divide, the regions still lag far behind London in terms of investment in transport infrastructure

  • Infra debt funds – brown trouser time

    There’s an old tale that Admiral Nelson was once asked by a flunky why he wore a red tunic into battle. He coolly replied that, were he to be shot, the blood would not show and the morale of his fighting men would not flag. To this, the attendant replied: “And that’s why I wear brown trousers.”

  • Scotland – land of my fathers… and NPD

    This week we looked on in admiration as Queensferry Crossing – the £1.35 billion bridge linking Edinburgh to the wastelands of Fife – opened to traffic so the Scottish Government can say it went live in August… only for it to close again once the snarl-up had cleared

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • Silvertown – make-or-break for UK PPP

    The UK government dubs Silvertown Tunnel a “nationally-significant infrastructure project”… and not without good reason. It’s the only one out there

  • EIB – full retreat from the UK?

    Rarely does one see anything on LinkedIn that prompts a belly laugh, but today a cheeky bit of clickbait posted by a frequent and controversial market commentator on the future involvement of the EIB in UK projects prompted a click-through – and left this hack cackling

  • Macquarie / GIB and the August echo chamber

    It’s that time of year again – sailing past the mid-point of August with the echo chamber in full effect as the entirety of the (South) European infrastructure community basks itself in the very finest fleshpots that bonuses can afford

  • Denmark’s Frankenfund – it’s live…

    This week witnessed the birth of a fund that bears all the hallmarks of Frankenstein’s monster and it has now been unleashed on emerging markets. In a staggering display of Nordic good sense, Denmark’s largest company – a global leader in the ports and shipping space – has been spliced with three pension funds to create a monstrous vehicle to invest across African infrastructure and energy

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 2)

    The second part of our look back at an infrastructure retreat hosted by IJ at Turnberry Hotel in 2007. Now, a decade later, we take a look back at the careers of those who attended and assess how kind the years have been...

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 1)

    Ten years ago, the great and good of the infrastructure community gathered at Turnberry Hotel in Scotland, guests of IJ at a retreat sponsored by Ashurst, Deloitte and BESI. Here we look at how the careers of those who attended have evolved over the course of the troubled decade...

  • Budapest Airport, Hungary

    Budapest Airport’s sponsors reached financial close on a refinancing of the asset in late July 2017, bringing pricing on debt sharply down as a result of strong performance since the refinancing of 2014

  • Fewer 'Grands Projets' for France

    While a couple of upcoming transactions in the airport sector are attracting attention, France's new President looks unlikely to stimulate wider infrastructure activity

  • Back from the dead?

    Spain wants to revive its renewable energy market, but concerns remain for investors, despite high levels of interest in a recent capacity auction

  • Dutch motorway – the 14-year itch

    Of all the stories IJGlobal publishes, the most pleasing are the launch of new projects. So it was with delight earlier this week that we wrote about a European motorway PPP being brought to market in the Netherlands, writes Angus Leslie Melville

  • The Spanish infra piñata

    For those of you with a good number of infrastructure years under the belt, today’s announcement that Spain is launching a €5 billion roads investment plan will likely induce PTSD flash-backs

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