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  • Infrastructure funds – big news

    In the same week that IJGlobal goes live with our infrastructure funds database – IJInvestor – it feels appropriate to turn the focus on an interesting trend in the equity space: the rise of technical advisers as investors.

  • Making bubbles while the sun shines

    It always pays to keep a weather eye out for the next financial bubble, after all, we’ve seen enough of them in recent times to warrant wariness. Right now there’s a splendid one brewing in the international renewable energy space that should have you all bracing for impact

  • Australia’s National Energy Guarantee

    Earlier this month the Australian government proposed an energy policy change, the so-called National Energy Guarantee, which peaked interest around the globe

  • Abertis – high prices, deep pockets

    It’s the biggest infrastructure deal in the market, the one everyone’s talking about – two giants of the European infra community slugging it out to acquire Spanish toll road operator Abertis… but it’s a deal that has more than a few wondering what the hell’s going on

  • Philippines: Build! Build! Build!

    President Rodrigo Duterte has signalled his resolve to lift the Philippines economic growth rate by building infrastructure at the fastest pace possible. So who will fund what the administration has dubbed the “Build! Build! Build” programme?

  • China vs Japan outbound

    The two Asian giants are both keen outbound investors. IJGlobal data reveals the Japanese have an edge over their Chinese rivals when it comes to deal volumes, but the gap is narrowing

  • Interview: Mytrah Energy’s Bob Smith

    India’s ambitious renewables goals makes the country’s electricity market the “most exciting in the world,” Mytrah Energy executive vice-president Bob Smith tells IJGlobal.

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • How-long Bay?

    From a distance the Vietnamese power market looks in decent health, but by peering a little closer you can see a bulging pipeline, a lack of transparency and plenty of obstacles to investors, despite a growing need for new generation

  • Interview: Siemens' Dr. Armin Bruck

    The chief executive of Siemens ASEAN, Dr. Armin Bruck, outlines in an exclusive interview with IJGlobal where he sees the "unbelievable " opportunities in his region

  • IJ League Tables – everyone’s not a winner

    It’s that time of year again… League Table Time. Back in the day, we used only to publish them twice a year and – frankly – that was quite enough. But no, you turn your back for seven years and it’s gone quarterly. Huzzah

  • League table high achievers

    With every new set of performance rankings, whatever or whoever is being measured, there are winners and there are losers. Those who exceed expectations, and those who have had a shocker

  • Interview: FRV’s Javier Huergo

    Javier Huergo, treasurer and chief investment officer for Fotowatio Renewable Ventures' parent company Abdul Latif Jameel speaks to IJGlobal

  • Vietnam: solar PPA is “unbankable”

    The Vietnamese government has released a new draft solar power purchase agreement (PPA). But, while the feed-in-tariff (FIT) seems acceptable, key clauses in the new PPA will need to be reformed to make it bankable

  • Australian solar growth trajectory assured

    The number of solar deals to reach financial close in Australia has increased steadily from 2013 to 2017 and - while challenges lie ahead for the industry this coming year - there is a strong pipeline in place and sufficient incentives in place for investors and developers to carry on closing deals

  • Interview: MUFG’s Colin Chen

    The world’s leading project finance bank has also dominated the Asia Pacific project finance league tables for several years. Colin Chen, who runs MUFG’s structured finance in Asia Oceania excluding Japan, explains the Japanese bank’s strategy going forward

  • Interview: PLN’s Ahsin Sidqi

    Sponsors, bankers and lawyers have been pondering the implications of Indonesia’s new regulations on procuring power plants. PLN’s head of IPP procurement Ahsin Sidqi explains the new policy to IJGlobal

  • Project procurement and delivery

    The UK, Canada and Australia are three of the most established private finance markets for infrastructure in the world. Lauded for easily accessible and transparent procurement and delivery mechanisms they are often a blueprint for emerging PPP markets

  • Pakistan’s power potential

    Pakistan, a country where over 140 million people don’t have access to power, is investing heavily in its energy sector. And Asian investors are taking advantage

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