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  • Infra debt funds – brown trouser time

    There’s an old tale that Admiral Nelson was once asked by a flunky why he wore a red tunic into battle. He coolly replied that, were he to be shot, the blood would not show and the morale of his fighting men would not flag. To this, the attendant replied: “And that’s why I wear brown trousers.”

  • Scotland – land of my fathers… and NPD

    This week we looked on in admiration as Queensferry Crossing – the £1.35 billion bridge linking Edinburgh to the wastelands of Fife – opened to traffic so the Scottish Government can say it went live in August… only for it to close again once the snarl-up had cleared

  • Corruption and infrastructure

    Can we draw any parallels between the perceived corruption levels in a country and its ability to procure infrastructure projects?

  • EIB – full retreat from the UK?

    Rarely does one see anything on LinkedIn that prompts a belly laugh, but today a cheeky bit of clickbait posted by a frequent and controversial market commentator on the future involvement of the EIB in UK projects prompted a click-through – and left this hack cackling

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 2)

    The second part of our look back at an infrastructure retreat hosted by IJ at Turnberry Hotel in 2007. Now, a decade later, we take a look back at the careers of those who attended and assess how kind the years have been...

  • Turnberry 2007… where are they now? (Part 1)

    Ten years ago, the great and good of the infrastructure community gathered at Turnberry Hotel in Scotland, guests of IJ at a retreat sponsored by Ashurst, Deloitte and BESI. Here we look at how the careers of those who attended have evolved over the course of the troubled decade...

  • Ontario – an unholy trinity…

    When it comes to approval ratings for PPP programmes, few markets hold a candle to Ontario. It is revered for being the one to do it right from the get-go, creating a clock-work procurement model and true partnerships with the private sector to deliver public infrastructure – even if it stole the idea from Partnerships BC

  • Ohio State University utility lease, US

    The Ohio State University (OSU) has become the first US university to complete a leased-based privatisation of on-campus energy asset

  • Saudi's Vision 2030: A slow start

    Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan launched to considerable fanfare in mid-2016. Though it is still early days, this blueprint for modernising and diversifying the country's economy has not led to an increase in closed deals in the energy and infrastructure sectors

  • IJ League Tables – everyone’s not a winner

    It’s that time of year again… League Table Time. Back in the day, we used only to publish them twice a year and – frankly – that was quite enough. But no, you turn your back for seven years and it’s gone quarterly. Huzzah

  • League table high achievers

    With every new set of performance rankings, whatever or whoever is being measured, there are winners and there are losers. Those who exceed expectations, and those who have had a shocker

  • University of Hull student accommodation, UK

    UPP’s student accommodation deal for the University of Hull reached financial close earlier this summer. The deal is being financed via AllianzGI’s issue of a 40-year Baa3 rated £127.6 million index-linked bond

  • As I was saying…

    After 10 years as an infrastructure journalist and three as a head hunter in the same space, Angus Leslie Melville has returned to IJGlobal and is resuming his Friday afternoon editorial slot…

  • The revival of bond insurance

    With a number of deals concluded over recent months featuring wrapped bonds, and more expected in the future, bond insurance seems to be enjoying a resurgence, a decade after the industry was all but completely destroyed by the financial crisis

  • Puerto Rico's renewed PPP goals

    Debt-ridden Caribbean island and US territory, Puerto Rico, has announced plans to resurrect its PPP programme with an ambitious pipeline of fresh projects across multiple sectors

  • Chile’s conservative pipeline

    While other Latin American nations promise massive infrastructure programmes, Chile is taking a more conservative stance as it prepares for a change in government

  • Data analysis: Diversification targeted for funds raised in Q1

    The first quarter of 2017 has seen high volumes of capital being raised at a global level, with 22 unlisted, closed-ended funds raising $33.9 billion in total, according to IJGlobal data

  • Bexley oncology wing, St. James’s University hospital, UK

    Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners and a fund managed by Dalmore Capital reached financial close at the end of March on a refinancing of the Bexley oncology wing of the St. James’s University hospital in Leeds in the UK

  • A tale of two budgets

    Whereas Canada looks to deter new oil and gas drilling, the US budget looks to double down on fossil fuels

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