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  • Chile’s conservative pipeline

    While other Latin American nations promise massive infrastructure programmes, Chile is taking a more conservative stance as it prepares for a change in government

  • Data analysis: Diversification targeted for funds raised in Q1

    The first quarter of 2017 has seen high volumes of capital being raised at a global level, with 22 unlisted, closed-ended funds raising $33.9 billion in total, according to IJGlobal data

  • Bexley oncology wing, St. James’s University hospital, UK

    Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners and a fund managed by Dalmore Capital reached financial close at the end of March on a refinancing of the Bexley oncology wing of the St. James’s University hospital in Leeds in the UK

  • A tale of two budgets

    Whereas Canada looks to deter new oil and gas drilling, the US budget looks to double down on fossil fuels

  • GCC refinancings drop by a third

    Refinancing deal value closing throughout the GCC dipped by 34% in 2016, according to IJGlobal data. The downward trend is expected to continue with fewer refinancings set to close in 2017, sources say

  • Data Analysis: Ontario leads North America procurements

    Of the total 28 ongoing PPP projects at pre-financing stage in North America, 16 are located in Canada and 12 of these are from just one province – Ontario, IJGlobal data reveals

  • Six Nations: England vs Ireland

    In tribute to the final weekend of the Six Nations IJGlobal pips Ireland and England against one another for infrastructure investment

  • Interview: Siemens's Anthony Casciano

    The Asia-Pacific region’s economies are forecast by the International Monetary Fund to grow at an average 5.3% this year, and remains one of the brightest spots for infrastructure suppliers, including Siemens

  • Unbundling Trump’s infrastructure plans

    Infrastructure was a major talking point in the run up to the 2016 election, and President Trump's plan for the sector is said to be expected in the coming weeks

  • MENA PPP closes reach new heights

    A record total value of PPPs reached financial close in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region during 2016. With a number of large scale projects in the pipeline, 2017 could surpass this total

  • The attractiveness of UK Student accommodation

    UK student accommodation deals--both in terms of greenfield developments and portfolio acquisitions--have seen strong growth over the last two years, driven by robust demand and healthy investor interest. But with Brexit and saturation on the horizon, is this likely to continue?

  • Data Analysis: Strong fundraising pace in 2017

    The final close of Global Infrastructure Partners III (GIP III) at $15.8 billion has pushed total funds raised globally in the first month of 2017 to some $23 billion

  • European equity leads US infrastructure investment

    International investors including European, Australian and Canadian sponsors lead the equity investment in the majority of the deals that closed in 2016

  • Data Analysis: Chile leads LatAm infra finance in 2016

    Chile was the most active infrastructure finance market in Latin America during 2016

  • Data Analysis: Power deals spike amid MENA market decline

    While 2016 saw a resurgence in the total value of power deals closed in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, the wider infrastructure market endured a steep decline in activity during the year

  • Bogotá to pioneer health PPPs

    After its success in procuring bankable toll road PPPs under the Fourth Generation of Highways Programme (4G), Colombia is about to roll out a major PPP programme in the health sector

  • Data analysis: 2016 European uneven fundraising pace

    2016 has seen an uneven pace in fundraising activity among closed-ended, unlisted infrastructure and energy funds in Europe

  • Trump and the plummeting Peso

    As the world woke to the news that Donald Trump had taken the White House the Mexican Peso suffered its biggest drop since the 1994-95 Tequila Crisis. What impact will this have on infrastructure and energy projects in Mexico?

  • Washington, DC's PPP ambitions

    For the first time since the signing of its Public-Private Partnership Act in December 2014, Washington, DC has unveiled a potential pipeline of infrastructure projects it wants to develop in partnership with the private sector

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