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  • Turkey – unclogging the fan

    The Turkish currency crisis is causing ripples around the international infrastructure finance community with all parties active in the nation reaching for project documentation to ensure they are not about to take a severe haircut

  • EIB… something for the weekend?

    Back in the PPP pipeline days, you could set timing on the project finance of any old piece of European infrastructure by the tired mantra of lenders intoning: “And… yes… you can count on the EIB taking half the debt”

  • The Peruvian PPP push

    Peru is one of many countries around the world hoping to boost economic performance by closing its infrastructure gap

  • QIC: MaaS is the future

    Adopting Mobility as a Service requires infrastructure investors to see their assets as part of a more integrated system, QIC’s head of global infrastructure Ross Israel tells IJGlobal

  • Gordie Howe Bridge P3, Canada/US

    The Gordie Howe Bridge P3 – formerly known as Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) and the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) – has been an endurance test. One of the largest ever infrastructure projects in North America, 18 years passed between completion of its cross-border traffic study and financial close on 28 September (2018)

  • Kenyan PPP: it’s now or never

    The whole of the Kenyan PPP programme may hinge on the success of one road project which is edging towards naming a preferred bidder

  • Argentina's PPPs – potholes ahead

    A poisonous cocktail of corruption scandals, rising inflation, high interest rates and declining investor confidence threatens Argentina’s roads programme, just as it was gaining momentum

  • PABs: favoured financing

    With a sizable chunk of funding still available to developers, private activity bonds look set to be the gift that keeps on giving despite the growing availability of private placements

  • The mark of shame: Metronet

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “In a world where failures always receive greater focus than successes, Metronet’s impact will be enduring while the success of Tube Lines will be a footnote”

  • Missed opportunity: Seattle monorail

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “It was an eminently finance-able project using modern technology, offering Seattleites a six-minute service on an elevated system that would provide a critical transport link that could boast both environmental and economic benefits. But it’s dead in the water”

  • Keeping on track: Nacala Corridor

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “It brings together many strands of project finance over the last 20 years, everything from risk allocation in concession agreements to managing political risk in a big-ticket ECA financing”

  • Cheating death: Miami Access Tunnel

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “The most tangled PPP procurement process in the US, a market that has produced more tangled PPP procurements than most”

  • Brexit – opening a can of worms

    Brexit. Travel anywhere around Europe as a British person and it’s all they want to talk about. What’s going to happen? How do you think it will impact you? Did you vote for it? What’s the future for infrastructure finance?

  • M25 road refinancing, UK

    London’s orbital M25 motorway refinancing was the largest infrastructure refi seen in the UK since the Intercity Express deal of 2015

  • Los Angeles Automated People Mover, US

    As a mass-transit solution, California’s $2.5 billion Los Angeles Automated People Mover breaks new ground for financing in the US, delivering a 2.25 mile elevated electric train system, connecting parking facilities to the international airport

  • A65 Autoroute de Gascogne toll road refinancing, France

    Although concerns over traffic volumes on France’s A65 Autoroute de Gascogne toll road seem to have lessened since it became operational in the wake of the financial crisis, a recent refinancing reveals that the road's sponsors still couldn't be too ambitious when it came to debt tenor and pricing

  • Unstoppable rise of the mega fund

    As we stare down the barrels of the summer lull having published IJGlobal’s league tables and the IJInvestor funds report for H1 2018, this infra hack is currently horsing up the M6 to Edinburgh to celebrate a rather significant birthday in the motherland

  • League tables & funds – a game of one half

    It’s been a busy time for IJ with our half-yearly league tables for global infrastructure and project finance and the H1 2018 funds and investor report – the finishing touches to which have been put on today

  • 1MDB: the reckoning

    The 1Malaysia Development scandal that swept the opposition into power is turning into a reckoning for $22 billion worth of China-backed infrastructure projects

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