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  • Gordie Howe Bridge P3, Canada/US

    The Gordie Howe Bridge P3 – formerly known as Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC) and the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) – has been an endurance test. One of the largest ever infrastructure projects in North America, 18 years passed between completion of its cross-border traffic study and financial close on 28 September (2018)

  • Kenyan PPP: it’s now or never

    The whole of the Kenyan PPP programme may hinge on the success of one road project which is edging towards naming a preferred bidder

  • Argentina's PPPs – potholes ahead

    A poisonous cocktail of corruption scandals, rising inflation, high interest rates and declining investor confidence threatens Argentina’s roads programme, just as it was gaining momentum

  • PABs: favoured financing

    With a sizable chunk of funding still available to developers, private activity bonds look set to be the gift that keeps on giving despite the growing availability of private placements

  • Belt & Road block

    One of the key pillars of China’s Belt & Road initiative has run into what was once a hypothetical political risk – the possibility of regime change in the recipient country

  • Alto Maipo: good hydro, gone bad

    A second restructuring for the 531MW Alto Maipo has saved a hydro project which has faced engineering challenges, several delays, environmental opposition, and changes in equity

  • London-listed infra funds: trading at discounts

    London-listed infrastructure funds have suffered periods of trading at discounts in 2018 – one dropped out of a trophy M&A auction, and various asset sales are predicted

  • What’s in storage?

    In the evolving sector of battery storage, where predicting future developments is difficult, the importance of contractual structures – and the ability to validate them – is significant

  • Narrowing opportunities for big PF banks

    Lenders to Dutch PPPs are increasingly likely to be regional or institutional, with big PF banks less active across Europe

  • Importing offshore wind experience

    How European experience can be used in the upcoming round of US offshore wind projects

  • Far from retirement: lifetime extensions

    Renewable energy assets can go beyond planned operational periods, and lifetime extensions are becoming particularly popular for wind farms and solar plants

  • The earth moved: Castor gas storage

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “Construction and geological risk, particularly in the latter part when the cushion gas is being inserted, is difficult to quantify”

  • Pipe dreams: BTC pipeline

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “In addition to breaking into a virgin market, the financing was closed successfully in less than three months in what could only be described as a turbulent political climate”

  • The mark of shame: Metronet

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “In a world where failures always receive greater focus than successes, Metronet’s impact will be enduring while the success of Tube Lines will be a footnote”

  • Missed opportunity: Seattle monorail

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “It was an eminently finance-able project using modern technology, offering Seattleites a six-minute service on an elevated system that would provide a critical transport link that could boast both environmental and economic benefits. But it’s dead in the water”

  • Perfect chemistry: Sadara petrochemicals

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “Among this mammoth financings’ ground-breaking features was the largest ever (and second only) Middle Eastern sukuk bond, the largest ever direct loan from US Exim, and the participation of Spanish ECA FIEM on a project financing for the first time”

  • Keeping on track: Nacala Corridor

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “It brings together many strands of project finance over the last 20 years, everything from risk allocation in concession agreements to managing political risk in a big-ticket ECA financing”

  • Gas glut: PNG LNG

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “In terms of sheer scale and complexity PNG LNG represents not only the largest PF deal ever but also a true pathfinder that has profound implications for the regional energy finance market”

  • Dabhol trouble: Dabhol II gas-fired power

    WHAT WE SAID THEN: “Many Indian power projects have attracted attention in recent years – mostly for the wrong reasons. Not Dabhol II” (ed. Not our finest hour)

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