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  • Krammer wind park, the Netherlands

    The sponsors of the €200 million ($217.3 million) 102MW Krammer onshore wind project in the Netherlands reached financial close on the project in March 2017

  • Northwest Parkway acquisition, US

    The financing of the acquisition of the Northwest Parkway toll road in Denver, Colorado, has gone beyond prior toll road acquisitions last year to further utilise and test the liquidity of the US private placement market

  • The road to India

    Investors have shied away from investing in India in the past. But Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners are now looking to take advantage.

  • Unbundling Saudi’s power market

    A consequence of Saudi Arabia’s intended economic pivot away from its reliance on oil will be a liberalisation of the country's power market through the unbundling and spinning out a number of entities in the generation and transmission sectors

  • Is the UK still the leading European infrastructure market?

    It is common to hear London-based infrastructure professionals complain about the pipeline for domestic greenfield projects, but exactly how active is the UK market in comparison to the rest of Europe?

  • Data Analysis: Ontario leads North America procurements

    Of the total 28 ongoing PPP projects at pre-financing stage in North America, 16 are located in Canada and 12 of these are from just one province – Ontario, IJGlobal data reveals

  • Six Nations: England vs Ireland

    In tribute to the final weekend of the Six Nations IJGlobal pips Ireland and England against one another for infrastructure investment

  • Interview: Singaporean Finance Minister, Indranee Rajah

    Singapore’s Senior Minister of State for Finance and Law, Indranee Rajah, tells IJGlobal how Singapore will become a regional infrastructure and financing hub

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