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  • Growth in Brazilian wind

    Wind power still makes up a slim slice of the total power generated in Brazil, despite excellent resource in the country and decent investment levels in recent years. But interest in an upcoming power generation auction is high, and potential for international investment significant

  • Yieldcos: going, going, gone?

    On 16 October, Brookfield Asset Management subsidiaries closed on the long-awaited deal to up their parent company’s stake in the developed market-focused yieldco Terraform Power to 51%

  • Peaking interest

    The UK “peakers” industry has shot to attention for fund managers this year, with sales of two companies owning flexible peaking power plants underway. A regulatory change to embedded benefit payments enacted this June has effected these companies’ revenue streams, meanwhile potential buyers will be taking a view on the existential threat to the sector from emergent battery storage technology

  • US infrastructure – living the dream/nightmare

    Writing on Friday the 13th, waiting to board the most cost-effective flight money can buy between New York and London, this hack’s infra career is flashing before his eyes

  • Norway's PPP contract off the beaten track

    Norway’s upcoming road PPP programme is kicking off with the Rv3/Rv25 Ommangsvollen – Grundset/Basthjørnet project, for which three bidding consortia were shortlisted in June 2017

  • Even educated fund managers do it…

    DIF do it, EISER do it, even educated Arcus do it. Let’s do it. Let’s flip a fund. That almost trips off the tongue, and it’s a darn site easier to sing than to achieve. It would appear that when it comes to infrastructure equity funds, Aristotle’s aphorism that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” rarely stands true

  • Offshore wind - big business

    Though 2017 has so far been a quiet year for offshore wind financings, the horizon is littered with turbines out at sea.

  • Philippines: Build! Build! Build!

    President Rodrigo Duterte has signalled his resolve to lift the Philippines economic growth rate by building infrastructure at the fastest pace possible. So who will fund what the administration has dubbed the “Build! Build! Build” programme?

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