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  • PPP, transport and the need for diversity

    The UK government has promised a new pipeline of PF2 projects by the spring. Naturally these things are often delayed. While the infrastructure market waits the hope is that the list of projects will include more than just transport

  • Australia’s gas supply shortage

    Several regions of Australia are suffering blackouts due to a domestic gas supply shortage. Given the numerous and very large LNG projects being developed in the country, the shortage seems extraordinary

  • Leviathan gas field, Israel

    Delek Group and Texas-based partner Noble Energy’s financing of the Leviathan gas field offshore Israel represents the country’s largest ever infrastructure project. The field will ultimately transform Israel into a regional energy hub

  • Financing Argentina’s ambitious infra plans

    Argentina is seeking significant private sector investment to support its ambitious plans, and so must attract foreign capital

  • The post-subsidy future for offshore wind

    A common criticism of offshore wind, that it is too expensive compared with other available renewable technologies, has been challenged by bidding on a tender in Germany this week which suggests the technology can be developed without subsidies

  • Acquisition of 61% of National Grid Gas Distribution, UK

    The auction of a majority stake of National Grid’s four UK gas distribution networks presented a rare opportunity for largest asset managers, sovereign wealth and pension funds to deploy bulky equity cheques

  • Old Harbour Bay Power & LNG, Jamaica

    How local banks arranged the largest private sector project financing in the history of Jamaican and set the stage for further LNG development across the Caribbean

  • Interview: Kansai Electric Power’s Yoshihiro Takechi

    Market liberalisation at home is driving Japanese power utility Kansai Electric to seek growth overseas. Yoshiro Takechi, general manager of Kansai Electric international business and cooperation division, has unveiled what he expects in return for the company’s ¥500 billion ($4.5 billion) war chest in an interview with IJGlobal

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