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  • Local bank decline in MENA

    While local lenders become less active in MENA energy and infrastructure transactions, international banks are taking a larger slice of a diminishing pie

  • Energy storage – country cousin no more

    Over the years we’ve seen more niche sectors than you care to recall creep out of left- into centre-field for infrastructure. These are mostly whacky wheezes dreamt up by funds desperate to shift money out the door, often taking a punt on unproven technology. Some of the best examples for this lie in biomass, ethanol and tidal – projects doomed to be dashed against rocky shores of reality

  • HS1 acquisition, UK

    A pool of fund managers formerly focused on PFI/PPP have become eager to buy, and hard to beat, when it comes to core, regulated infrastructure assets in Europe

  • Luton Airport, UK

    Luton Airport has always struggled to sell its London credentials, sitting as it does 13 miles north of the capital's orbital motorway. This refi of the concession re-fit and extend the existing facility in conjunction with plans to improve connectivity

  • Mind the gap

    While the UK government has talked a lot about bridging the north-south divide, the regions still lag far behind London in terms of investment in transport infrastructure

  • Infra debt funds – brown trouser time

    There’s an old tale that Admiral Nelson was once asked by a flunky why he wore a red tunic into battle. He coolly replied that, were he to be shot, the blood would not show and the morale of his fighting men would not flag. To this, the attendant replied: “And that’s why I wear brown trousers.”

  • China vs Japan outbound

    The two Asian giants are both keen outbound investors. IJGlobal data reveals the Japanese have an edge over their Chinese rivals when it comes to deal volumes, but the gap is narrowing

  • Scotland – land of my fathers… and NPD

    This week we looked on in admiration as Queensferry Crossing – the £1.35 billion bridge linking Edinburgh to the wastelands of Fife – opened to traffic so the Scottish Government can say it went live in August… only for it to close again once the snarl-up had cleared

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