SPARX raises brownfield fund

Tokyo-based SPARX Asset Trust & Management announced on 29 November that it has raised ¥20 billion ($176.1 million) for its Renewable Energy Brown Field Fund

Infrastructure funds – big news

LIQVIS receives EU transport funding

SUSI to launch global renewables fund in H1

Strathclyde commits to Hermes and Dalmore funds

Goldmans – making PF bankers grind their teeth

Tiger Infrastructure invests in fibre-optic developer

Platina Partners to launch fifth fund

Sequoia arranges revolving credit facility

LGIM appoints infrastructure strategist


Mexico country report

During the last two decades, Mexico has enjoyed macroeconomic stability, a growing and strong peso-debt market, an open and competitive market for developers and construction companies and three governments with clear infrastructure commitments and professional teams to develop toll roads, railroads, airports and ports

Q1 2016 league table analysis

Q1 2016 is the first quarter for which IJGlobal is publishing infrastructure finance tables...

Insurers and Infrastructure: a perfect match

As many have noted insurers seem tailored made for infrastructure investment. Forming part of the new wave of institutional investment there are large swathes of the industry that believe, with clear justification, that the future of long term lending is to be found in pensions funds and insurance companies

Africa & Middle East Outlook 2013

Africa & the Middle East offers vast potential for infrastructure development and project finance investment, however this potential is still yet to be fully unleashed.

European Infrastructure Outlook 2013

In 2012 European infrastructure investment suffered significantly from the region’s deteriorated economic situation

Global H1 2011 League Tables: Corporate Finance Trends

The first half of 2011 saw a reasonably high number of transactions for corporate infra investments

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